Friday, December 21, 2012

Five Tips For a Healthier Holiday

I know how you feel. The holiday season rolls around… everyone’s running around shopping, planning and getting things done. When it’s over, it’s time to kick back a little and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones, whether it’s the office party of family gathering.

The challenge is that the holiday season is filled with so much delicious food, and sticking to your healthy eating and exercise routine during the season can seem close to impossible. Here are a handful of suggestions to help you get through the holidays without gaining any extra weight. And if you’re really good, you may even lose some.

Never Go Hungry

Arriving to a party hungry is a recipe for disaster. Have a normal breakfast and lunch on the day of the gathering. Sitting down to a holiday dinner when you’re starving can make overdoing it all too easy. Maybe even snack on a handful of nuts or a yogurt on your way out the door, so you don’t snack on the first thing you see when you get there.

Step Away From the Food

Ah… that buffet of food that seems to be calling your name. Keep your distance so you are not tempted to snack all night. For extra backup, you can chew gum, which helps resist the temptation to sneak a bite here or there.

Choose the Right Foods

Sure, some of that great food comes only once a year. Just don’t go in with that mindset when you sit down for a big holiday meal. Enjoy that good stuff in moderation, and stick with the lean meats and veggies otherwise. You (and your conscience) will feel much better afterwards.

Skip the Alcohol

Alcohol is a common feature of many holiday parties. It’s also a big source of empty calories you don’t need, so avoid the temptation to overindulge. If you feel like a drink, a glass of red wine can spare you some calories, and you get some healthy antioxidants in the process.

Stay on Top of Exercise

Yes, holidays are a very busy time, and you may not get out for some exercise as much as you’d like. If you are having a hard time fitting it in your schedule, find ways to build it into your holiday activities: maybe a post-dinner walk outside to catch up with family, an extra lap around the mall during your 11th-hour shopping, or even a snowball fight (assuming the weather cooperates, of course).

So, enjoy the holiday feasts in moderation, enjoy the company of family and friends abundantly, and most importantly, enjoy the season!

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