Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Springtime Is Near... No More Excuses

It’s all too common to hear the New Year's Resolution of “getting in shape before spring,” or “getting in shape before summer,” by means of regular exercise. A good diet and regular exercise are vital components to helping your body reach its full potential.

And now… here is spring. Maybe you’ve been busy, or it has just been too cold. However, it’s important to take a more active role in your own wellness. No more excuses, but we'll help you get started:

See a Chiropractor

Whether the goal is overall good health, shedding a few extra pounds or improving the body for a beach getaway, it is important to see a chiropractor. A chiropractor will help realign the spine and ensures that the body’s immune system is as strong as possible before starting a rigorous exercise routine.

Although chiropractic care will not improve coordination, flexibility or strength, it will make it possible to start an exercise routine that is appropriate for personal health and current physical concerns.

Start Out With Simple Exercises

Exercise does not necessarily mean it must be vigorous and hard on the body to have an impact. Starting out with walking, swimming and other gentle exercises will help the body start getting into the routine of working out on a regular basis.

The best simple exercises are routines that use the body and nothing more. Running, walking and swimming are excellent options that make it possible to shed excess weight and get back in shape.

Work on Flexibility

Although flexibility, coordination and physical strength take time to build up, it is possible to start working on improving the body’s health by working on flexibility. Taking time to stretch out the muscles before a workout routine will help remove the tension that builds up after a day of sitting at an office or enjoying activities that are not physical. Flexibility is improved with gentle stretches, but adding yoga to the routine will work on strength as well as flexibility.

Spring is in the air and it is time to start working on good health. The only way to keep the body as healthy as possible is with the help of regular exercise. Although a chiropractor can make suggestions and prepare the body, it is important to workout at least half an hour every day to get ready for spring.

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