Monday, March 25, 2013

'Tis The Allergy Season - Chiropractic Can Be Your Defense

It never fails this time of year. You’re a little runny, a little sniffly, maybe some congestion thrown in… it is a rite of passage when the seasons change – allergy season. Even bouts with common allergens can take you off your game and keep you from feeling your best, as a result of treatments with medication that can make you drowsy.

The allergens aren’t the only culprit. You also need to think about your immune system, which responds to all kinds of events – both inside and outside the body. Those who suffer from seasonal allergies are people whose immune systems essentially overreact to these common environmental nuisances like pollen, dust, bacteria and so forth. Thus, the body responds with histamines that cause watery eyes and itchy, runny noses.

What does this have to do with chiropractic? Well, the alignment of your spine ensures that your nervous system is communicating properly with the various other systems of your body – including your immune system.

The immune system responds to events in the body, and pays close attention to the nervous system, hormone fluctuations, diet, genes, and emotions; these events affect the health of the immune system. Poor nutrition, a stressful event, or a neurological problem weakens the body, making it more vulnerable to attack from dangerous viruses or bacteria.

The bones of the spine can move out of position, interfering with the quality of communications traveling along the nerve endings, spinal cord and brain. Garbled messages can cause the body to overreact to benign organisms. So, if you have a misalignment or subluxation in your spine (such as in the second cervical or ninth thoracic vertebrae), that could be affecting the performance of your immune systems.

While chiropractic care does not directly treat allergies, your chiropractor can keep your spine in good alignment to ensure your nervous system and other systems function properly. Chiropractic care also reduces the severity of allergy systems by relieving unrelated body pain and improving overall health. Someone who feels good is more likely to exercise, interact with others, and eat a healthy diet.

The spine is the center of your nervous system, which is the most important system in your body and overall wellness. Call us at (614) 436-9070 to find out how we can take some of the hassle out of this allergy season and get you feeling ready to enjoy a healthy, active spring.

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