Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Working On Strength Training

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If someone mentions weight training to you at the gym, does your mind automatically skip to professional athletes, weight lifters and body builders who spend hours in the gym, building muscle mass?

While that may be accurate in some cases, it’s not by any means a universal truth. Weight training isn't just for athletes. It is for anyone who may want to add it to his or her exercise regimen, or just to help stretch muscles to relieve the back pain that might lead to chiropractic treatment. The training has a number of benefits:
  • Conditions muscles to prevent injuries
  • Increases your body's muscular strength and endurance
  • Gives more refined and shapely muscles
  • Improves motor coordination
  • Helps the functions of internal organs
The chiropractic benefits of weight training are well-documented. Anyone who combines strength training with flexibility exercises will strengthen their body to combat muscle weakness that lead to back pain. In addition, people who have experienced herniated discs and other problems who added strength exercises to their medical care were able to recover fully without having to have surgery. Immobilization and lack of exercise weaken your muscles. Incorporating strength and flexibility training can be important pieces in the overall strategy to lead a more active and healthy overall lifestyle.

Before Starting Any New Training Exercise

Consult your chiropractor to discuss your exercise regimen. A complete evaluation covers your general health history and your chiropractor can recommend the correct weight fitness exercises that will help you get the most out of your effort. The worst thing you could do to yourself and your body is to go gung-ho into this process without some guidance. It can lead to more serious injuries such as lumbar spine injuries, cervical spine injuries, and shoulder and knee injuries.

Starting Your Training

Your chiropractor and/or trainer can help you determine what amount of weights is best suited to your fitness regimen. They can also counsel you on how you can increase that weight over time to ensure you get the best results while also avoiding injuries.

You also need to make sure to ask about the best exercise routine so that you won't overwork muscles when first starting out. Moderation is key at the moment. You need to perform the proper 10-to-15 minute warm-up exercises on a treadmill or stationary bicycle to raise your body temperature, then adopt flexibility exercises to stretch the body and muscles before grabbing the weights.

Always take the first few training sessions slowly. Be aware of the physical limits of your body and if you feel that something is wrong, stop immediately and rest. Continue with the training by following the set schedule as you slowly add more weights. With consistent weight training exercises, your body will begin to feel better and stronger as you will avoid those body injuries that are detrimental to your health.

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