Friday, May 3, 2013

Getting The Most Out Of Your Run

Running and jogging are perhaps the most effective exercises. They require no equipment or special training, and you can do them anytime and anywhere. However, most people don't realize that running is also among the highest impact exercises out there. A high-impact exercise is one that puts the most strain on your body's muscles, bones, or ligaments, and running is perhaps the most stressful of these exercises. There are many things to consider when you regularly practice high-impact exercises, but the most important thing to remember is safety. That's where your chiropractor can come in.

It may seem odd to mention chiropractic and running in the same sentence, but they actually do go hand-in-hand. Because running is so strenuous on the body, it's important to understand the appropriate measures to be taken. Running puts an especially dangerous strain on your spine. When you stand, your spine carries most of your weight. When you run, your weight regularly shifts, and it puts a sort of hammering effect on your spine. This is why it's important to see a chiropractor if you are a runner, or if you just run regularly.

Even if you practice proper running techniques, it's still important to get checked. Improper running techniques or equipment can do drastic damage to your spine and other muscles and bones in your body. For example, wearing the wrong kind of running shoes could cause a misalignment in your spine. The surface on which you run could cause problems as well. Even small things in your daily routine could affect your health, and thus, your running ability -- anything from the way you sit to what you do at work could cause issues.

A chiropractor could help you identify the things in your life that may be causing your pain, or could cause pain in the future. Proper warm-ups and warm-up exercises are also very important. If done improperly, a warm-up could hinder your running ability. You can ask your chiropractor for the most recommended exercises to get you limbered up and to avoid injury.

Running can be great exercise, but it has the potential to cause injury. Checking in with your chiropractor can help you avoid these injuries, by helping you improve your technique so you can get the most out of your run.

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