Friday, October 11, 2013

The Flu Shot: Do You Really Need It?

With flu season just around the corner, it may seem tempting to get a flu shot to prevent sickness and avoid slowing down. Although immunization may seem like a good idea, it is not necessary to take a shot to avoid the flu and it may not always be the right answer for good health.

Potential to Get the Flu

A flu shot is not infallible. When a strain of the virus is not included in the immunization, it may still be possible to get the flu. The flu virus is constantly changing, evolving and taking on new strains. That is the reason that it is possible to get sick every year with the same illness. The body has to create defenses against those new strains.

The problem with a flu shot is that it may not prevent the flu. It only protects against the specific strains that are in the immunization, not others that individuals may be exposed to during the cold and flu season.

Potential Side Effects

The side effects of the shot are another reason to avoid getting a shot. Potential side effects range from mild allergic reactions to severe seizures that develop as a result of the ingredients. Not only is it possible to suffer from severe reactions, the immunization may contain heavy metals that are bad for the human body.
In some cases, flu-like symptoms develop immediately after getting the shot because the immune system is compromised with the strains of the flu virus in the shot. Due to the potential side effects that may develop, it is better to avoid the shot.

Focusing on Wellness

Rather than getting a shot that has potentially harsh side effects and may not be effective against the virus, it is better to use holistic strategies to avoid getting sick. Focusing on personal health and wellness can prevent sicknesses from developing or ensure that the sickness passes very quickly.

The first step of preventing the flu is developing a strong immune system. A strong immune system requires a healthy diet that contains vitamin-rich foods, exercise and alternative measures to keep the lymphatic system in the best possible health. Chiropractic treatments can help improve the strength of the lymphatic system, which ensures that the body has a greater number of white blood cells to fight off infection and avoid sicknesses from developing.

After taking measures to strengthen the immune system, the next step of preventing the flu from developing is limiting exposure to the virus. Carry hand sanitizer and use it after shaking hands or touching public doors. Wash the hands with soap and warm water before eating any meals. Take precautions that prevent sickness from spreading so that it is less likely that the virus can get into the body.

Holistic approaches to staying healthy during the cold and flu season are better than getting a shot. A shot has potential side effects that are unpleasant, but preventative measures to limit exposure to sicknesses do not. Taking measures to strengthen the immune system is a healthier way to avoid the flu or any other sickness that is passed around as the weather changes. It will help prevent more than just the flu and it has fewer potential complications that may arise.

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